This Just In! Littleton Church is now LiveStreaming with Vimeo!

Check out our new LiveStream Service...launching Sabbath 3/21

We are excited to announce that we are now LiveStreaming with Vimeo! This new Livestream service will allow us to do lots of cool new stuff.  Come check it out!

Welcome from Andy & Cindy Nash

Devotionals From Our Blog

A Way Through the Impassable

I like to make plans, and I like it even more when those plans work out the way that I intended.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens. When I can’t make plans for good, my brain starts making worst case scenario contingencies.  My wife calls them “disaster scenarios” – you see when my plans don’t work out,

A Disposition to Show Kindness

A disposition to show kindness. The giving of unmerited favor.  Sola gratia. Sola fide. By grace alone. Through faith alone. By Christ’s work alone.  Grace. God’s grace.  God’s love. This is a very popular topic these days.  Do we understand what it means? Do we revel in it? Do we take advantage of it? Our

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