About Littleton Adventist Church

Littleton Adventist Church exists to help lead people to Christ and assists them to impact their community for Christ.  We are driven by relationship.

First, we want to connect people to God by revealing God and his character.

Secondly, we want to connect people to other people who follow God by being his disciple, one who follows Jesus.

Thirdly, we want to influence those outside the church by acts of kindness.

We want to help build the kingdom of God by sharing Christ and serving others.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website.  Better yet, we hope that you will visit us in person.

Littleton Adventist Church is truly a place focused on giving the gifts of friendship and salvation to anyone who will accept it.  You may come as you are and find a warm welcome, a smile, and maybe even a hug.

Ministry opportunities abound here and new things are happening every week.  Come and find a place to connect with people.  I don’t know what your church experience has been in the past, but whether you are a happy, life-long member of the church, someone who has been deeply hurt in the past, or simply seeking for a deeper experience with God, I think you’ll like what you find here and in our worship.  The bottom line is: you are welcome, you are needed, and you will find Christ in the center of all we do.

Our mission is to accept each person in the love of God and share Christ by ministering to others.