The Bible wasn’t written by Stan Lee.  I know this may come as a shock to you.  I love heroes. I love stories about heroes.  I love heroes that win against all odds, and if they shoot lasers out of their eyes, even better.  But when it comes to my Bible heroes, they’re just not so…super. But this is a good thing, not to worry.  You see, I’m a Christian because I believe the Bible is true.  One of the reasons (among many) I think the Bible is true and is the inspired word of God is that if I (or Stan Lee) were writing the story, I would not have made the heroes out to be the losers that they really were. I would have made them larger than life.  Think about this with me.

Who are the heroes that we make up? Who are the heroes of the Bible? Would we be so foolish to make heroes like the ones below? Let’s start with Adam.  He was a wuss who was so love-struck with Eve that he went along with her lies and doomed us all to a sinful nature that eventually cost the life of the Son of God.  Abraham was a weenie and lied repeatedly about Sarah not being his wife, to the point where he let another man take her and the truth only came out right before it would have been too late (if you get my drift).  Jacob literally fought with God. Joseph was a clueless teenager who bragged about being better than his brothers and parents. Moses was a murderer with a speech impediment. Aaron was a waffler and people pleaser that let the mob rule, even while God was visible on Mt. Sinai.  Rahab was a prostitute. King Saul was a clinically depressed client of a witch. King David was a peeping tom and a murderer – and a bad father, to boot. King Solomon loved beautiful foreign women too much for his own good. I mean come on man, really? This was also Samson’s problem, that and the fact that he was too stupid to understand that Delilah was trying to kill him. Collectively, God’s own chosen people killed nearly every single prophet that God sent to them.  Out of the the twelve men that Jesus chose to be his disciples, one was a traitor and a thief, one a cowardly boastful doofus, another who earned a nickname for being “doubting” and two “sons of thunder” that had quick tempers. Did I leave any of these really awesome heroes out? Aren’t you in love with this story yet? In fact, if memory serves me correctly, there is only one Bible hero whose sin isn’t recorded (not that he didn’t sin, it’s just not recorded): Daniel. I’m sure it helped that he was a eunuch.  

This all brings us to the point that there is only one Bible hero who actually lived up to the hype because he never sinned in his entire life: Jesus.  But then his own people had Him killed like a criminal for his troubles. However, He rose again on the third day, and He will return soon to call His people unto himself.  It is my opinion that no sane person would write a story where so many of the main heroes are cowards and wusses. But this story wasn’t written by a human, it was inspired by God and is the revelation of His work among His people.  It is the story of God’s working on this planet to save a race of people who don’t deserve it, not a story of how we somehow saved ourselves. If I was making up a story, I would hire Stan Lee to write it. It would make millions of dollars.  Lucky for you and me, our story is bound up in God’s story and He wrote it not to make millions but to save millions. Every one of us has messed up like the “heroes” of our faith. They show that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. 2 Cor 12:9. They’re written for us to know that if there is hope for Moses, David, or Peter then there’s hope for you yet.  How’s that for an ending?


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