Together at Littleton Adventist Church, our mission is to glorify Christ and His Word, live in loving community, and fulfill our calling as disciples of Christ.

We’re committed to glorifying Jesus Christ and His Word. Jesus is our Savior and Lord, giving us the gift of eternal life and inviting us to the abundant life in Him. We’re also committed to God’s Holy Word. Scripture is the heart of our faith and our worship service, and together we seek to communicate the Living Word in a language that people understand. We also seek to be immersed in our Bibles all week long, Monday morning as well as Sabbath morning.

We’re committed to living in loving community with one another—to love each other the way Christ loves us: all ages, all backgrounds, all stages of the life of faith. Church is not a building but people, and we’re committed to being together as often as possible, the way a family should be. We recognize that the church, the body of Christ, is fragile. When one part of the body is hurting, the whole body suffers. We will not tear down the body through criticism and gossip. Instead, we will build up the body of Christ, gently restoring those who hurt, and helping new members see and experience their place in the Kingdom of God.

We’re committed to fulfilling our calling as disciples of Christ. As a believer in Christ, I’m also a minister—commissioned to disciple, teach, and baptize. In my own unique way, I’m equipped to share the love of Jesus with those in my circles: answering the distress calls of other believers and the basic needs and deeper longings of people in my local and global community. I will answer the call of Christ to share His grace and truth with all His children—to build His kingdom for eternity.

Together in Christ, we are Littleton Adventist Church. Come be part of our family.