Online Giving

Thank you for visiting Littleton Adventist Church’s online giving site!
 Here’s a few things you should know about giving online:
  1. You’ll be asked to setup a login using your email address and a password (7 characters or longer that MUST contain a special character like “&”,”*”,”%”, etc.)
  2. Once you’ve logged on you can specify how much you’re going to give to each offering or tithe and how you’ll be paying (either by credit card or electronic transfer from your checking account).
  3. After each successful offering, you’ll receive an email confirmation and can login it to view a list of your previous online offerings. Your online contributions will be included in your year-end tax receipt provided by the church treasurer.
  4. AdventistGiving is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of each user. Only the local church has information about each individual – the website contains as little private information as possible in order to protect you!
AdventistGiving is a logical extension for those who use their computers to shop, bank, and communicate or for those members who are away from home on vacation or at school.
Click on the following link to get started today: