I hope you had a special Thanksgiving in whatever form it took.  Cindy and I were so happy to have all three of our daughters home this week. Just after I write this letter, I’m taking Ally back to the airport.  

Yes, it’s hard to let go of our kids. I loved being a young father more than anything in the world.  Sharing honestly, having our girls grow up has been the most difficult life transition for Cindy and me.  But what shall we do?  Live with sorrow, or choose to live with joy—celebrating their growth and the joy that awaits them—and having more time ourselves to give to our church, including all our wonderful children.  Cindy and I are so thankful for our Littleton church family, and we can’t wait to be able to freely fellowship with you.   (Do you find yourselves seeing photos or movies of people huddled together, and thinking how strange that is!) 

Here are some things to share with you:

1. VISITS: If you would like a visit over the holidays from Chris, Alise, or myself, please contact us.  We would love to come see you in a safe way—even if just means a quick visit outside.  

2. BETHLEHEM TICKETS: We will begin distributing free tickets to our outdoor Bethlehem Experience next Sabbath, Dec. 5, between the 9:30 and 11:30 worship services. All Littleton members (or pending members) will be given tickets first, along with one sharing/witnessing ticket per member. You may also come by the church office Monday, Dec. 7, from 1:00 to 3:00. After this, we will open online ticketing.  

3. TOMORROW: My message tomorrow is called “Salvation & the Abundant Life.”  As simply and clearly as I can, I’m going to speak about our assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ.   If you know someone who needs this message, please join us in person or online.  

There are 35 days left in 2020, church family. We will make it through this year together, as we await the light of dawn. 

Your brother in Christ,



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